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Don't believe me! Ok, Go to clickbank market place and search for "private label rights". What can you see now? Many resale rights packages with private label rights? Now carefully go through all the package deals. You will come to know that what a bargain you are getting from . 


Do the same thing in Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines. Search for "private label rights", private label right packages, private label rights products, etc I am sure you would be convinced that package as the greatest plr package ever in the internet market. Come back and purchase for the same price before it goes up. Private label rights are the quickest short cut to online wealth! So make your decision today and enjoy your way to financial freedom! 


This Package is So Big That it Had to Be Divided Into 1.Brand New products- Displayed on This Page, And Click on Each of These Links  to View

  2.New product collections  

3.Niche product collections 

Have A Look At Some Of  These Hot Selling Brand New Software Products That You Can Resell And Make A Good Fortune Moments From Now! 



Fast Content Producer


Discover How to Build Hundreds of Content Rich, Dynamically Changing, Keyword Covered Web Pages in Mere Minutes ...



This Software solution will allow you to build high-quality content sites without having to 

spend hours at your desk slaving over every design element and without having to pay way too much of your profits to professional programmers and designers!



 Private Label Rights


HTML Brander

Ready to Build Your Own Profitable Affiliate Program?


Here�s How to Create a Branded Website for Affiliates With the Push of a Button!

Step 1 �
Choose the name of the product that the website is devoted to

Step 2 �
Choose the folder where your web page�s HTML documents are located

Step 3 �
Add tags to your HTML document

Step 4 �
Specify which tags are rebrandable by your affiliates

Step 5 �
Click the �Create Branded Website� button to produce the exe file for your affiliates!

   Nothing could be easier!

Private Label Rights




Discover How to Quickly & Easily Protect Your Web Pages from Unscrupulous Cyber-Thieves!

Protects your PayPal links

Hides your original HTML source code


Prevents your images from being copied and used by someone else


Creates special password-protected pages

Stops right-clicking

Stops offline browsing

Stops URLs from being displayed in the browser bar

Works with any web host


 Private Label Rights


Niches ponder

Discover How to Create the Targeted Sales Letters You Need to Dominate ANY Niche � All at the Touch of a Button!


Allows you to quickly create sales letters for any niche

Guides you through the entire letter creation process so your letters contain everything they need to compel readers to buy your product or service � 

there�s a secret formula that all great copywriters use and NicheSponder uses it, too!

Saves you thousands of dollars in writing and design fees for each and every letter you produce!

Sends your conversion rates skyrocketing!

Formats your sales letters so you don�t need to know any HTML at all!

And much, much more!

 Private Label Rights




Discover the Truly Easy Way to Bring Your Snapshots to Life!


 Ability to capture any portion of the screen

Work with multiple images at once

Apply professional photo retouching effects         to your snapshots

Adding images and text to your snapshots

Resizing snapshots using up to 7 advanced          filters

Configurable, system-wide hotkeys for            most common actions

Save snapshots to multiple image formats

Capture a mouse-defined region of the desktop

Capture desktop objects like menus, windows, list boxes, edit fields, etc.

Directly print snapshots

Easily create slideshows by using the autocapture feature

Autohide the program on capture

Beep whenever capture starts and whenever finishes

Undo last operation support

Windows XP look-alike interface, even on non-XP systems

Complete help manual


 Private Label Rights



SPAM Learner Pro!

Being Flooded With Spam?


Discover the Quick & Easy
Way to Save Yourself from Receiving Unwanted Junk
Email Below!

Learns to protect you from what you consider to be spam!

Is fully customizable, which makes it extremely hard for spammers to get around!

Is simple enough for beginners to use yet packed with enough power and features to satisfy even the most experienced Internet users!

Enables you to erect an almost impenetrable wall of defense against unwanted spam!

Blocks unwanted email that can waste your time, drain your energy and keep you from growing your business!

And much, much more!


Private Label Rights



Simple Sales Copy

Discover How to Instantly Generate Cash-Producing, Kick-Butt Sales Copy � All With a Few Simple Clicks
of Your Mouse!


No longer will you have to worry about how you�re going to pay a writer to produce sales copy for you!

No longer will you have to stress about whether your expensive professionally written copy will create any sales!

No longer will you have to pull your hair out trying to write your own results-producing copy!

Getting this software is basically your chance to have your own

 personal professional copywriter on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Private Label Rights


Viral Article Publisher!

Discover How to Submit Your Viral Articles to All of the Top Websites With a Simple Click of Your Mouse!


You enter the user information you want included in your resource box

You then add or edit an article

You select which websites you want to submit your article to from a list containing all the top article sites

You click submit.

It�s that easy!

Allows you to submit an article to as many sites as you want!

Saves you a tremendous amount of time that you can use to grow your business or spend with your family!

Streamlines your article submission process by eliminating frustrating searches as well as any typing errors and incorrect web address entries that you may make!

Prevents you from having to go through your endless list of article sites to find each one that you want to submit an article to and then visit them manually!

And much, much more!

 Private Label Rights



Viral Toolbar BUILDER

Discover How to Increase Your Website Traffic & Sales By Taking Advantage of the Very Same Highly Effective Marketing Weapon That Companies Like Google & Yahoo Are Using RIGHT NOW to Drive People Back to Their Websites!


Your logo or brand prominently displayed!

Up to 10 buttons including buttons that link to your services as well as a popup blocker button, a cookie cleaner button, a translation button and much, much more!

Ad buttons that can rotate by clicks or time!

A search button and much more!


Private Label Rights




Discover the Absolute Quickest & Easiest Way to Develop Content Rich Websites!

Have Website Sizzler automatically scrape for keywords starting with the keyword of your choice!

Set the maximum number of keywords to scrape

Add your own keywords from a text file

Choose how you would like the articles for your content site generated � either from your own folder or have the program automatically generate them based on your keyword specifications

With Website Sizzler, you can quickly add a new website to any content project and you can add a variety of information to personalize your site � such as your website name, main keyword, AdSense pub, Chitika pub, Chitika channel, PeakClick affiliate ID, PeakClick subaffiliate and the url.

 Private Label Rights



 PDF Profitlock

Stop!: "Who Else Wants To Know How To Turn Ordinary PDF Files Into Viral Profit Machines ?"

If You're Selling Or Distributing PDFs This Is A Must Have Tool!

  Include your newsletter subscription form.
  Promote a sales page, an upsells or special Offer.
  Redirect readers to your affiliate links.
  Give readers access to help files or important information.
  Create updatable / related tips or news pages.
  Offer 'Reader Only' discounts or

 exclusive special offers.

  Create Self Expiring Files And Redirects.
  Use Password Protection For Security.
  Add Entry Splash Pages.
  And Exit Pop-Up Pages.
  Your Own Branding - Rename and Add Icons.


 Master Resale Rights



Simple Form Builder


Creating online forms has never been easier ! 


Whither you need a simple form to allow 

users to contact you or you need a form 

to collect information from your visitors 

SIMPLE FORM BUILDER is the solution to endless online form need's.


 Master Resale Rights





How to Get Over 200,000 Potential Customers (Every Month) from Google, Yahoo and MSN! Using a "Little-Known Robot"!

Simply enter a chosen keyword. With a click of a mouse, TargetedVisitor will automatically help you to achieve the following results:

>> Generate targeted traffic coz we know they are the Potential Customers (goal)
>> Generate massive targeted traffic from search engines without spending a dime (free)
>> Create optimized web pages with fresh content (high rank)
>> No need to write your own web content. Get a reliable  content supply (save time)
>> Create thousands webpage with fresh contents automatically (save time)
>> Re-direct the visitors to any destination URL (convenience)
>> **Make Money** even without your own product

Here's What You Get When You Order TargetedVisitor

>> Easy configuration and installation. No programmer is required.
>> Complete web-based management system.
>> Import hundreds or even thousands of your favorite keywords.
>> Set up your destination URLs where you want the visitors to go.
>> Generate thousands pages of  unique content webpages with targeted keywords for top search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN automatically.
>> Easy to remove the old pages and re-generate a set of new web pages.
>> Pages created are "self-linking", creating a never-ending network of pages for spiders to explore.
>> Set up massive numbers of backlinks to your website. Let search engines give special credits to it.
>> No license requirement. You can set up as many as TargetedVisitor as you like.
>> One-time fee. No on-going subscription.
>> No more expensive advertising campaign.
>> Focus on your business development.
>> Lifetime Upgrade. Don't overlook this promise. I conduct SEO research everyday and try to optimize the performance of the TargetedVisitor. Only my customers will get the latest scripts & tips that your competitors never know!

 Master Resale Rights



The UNIQUE eBay Software For BOTH the eBay Buyer and eBay Seller!

Attention eBay Buyers: Have You Ever
Mistakenly Bought a Dud on eBay? (That NEVER Has to Happen Again!)

"Why Not Research eBay Sellers BEFORE You Buy! You Can ... Right Now ... With Feedback Analyzer Pro!"


Attention eBay Sellers: Do You Want to Instantly Increase Your eBay Sales?

"Why Not Take Advantage of Your Earned Credibility by Using the NEW Ad Creator Tool? You Can

 ... Right Now ... With Feedback Analyzer Pro!"


 Master Resale Rights



"Now You Can Easily Turn Any Content You Have Into A Brand New Original Article With This Simple To Use Push Button Software That Even A Child Can Operate!"
Here are just a few of the smoking hot features you'll get access to...

Simple As Pie Interface - You won't be wondering what to do or how to use this system because it's so easily laid out that a 10 year old could use it.

True Point & Click Content Creation - It couldn't get any easier. You simply load an article and it gives you a bunch of options for customizing and personalizing the article at the click of a button!

Never Worry About Duplicate Content Again! - You'll never have to worry about being penalized for duplicate content again because Article Content Spinner is going to create loads of unique, original content for you to serve up to the search engines.

Readable, Well Flowing Articles And Content - Unlike many other content spinning programs, Article Content Spinner creates beautiful flowing content that is a pleasure for your visitor to read! The others create a mixed up mess that rarely makes sense.

Extreme Control - You approve or deny each change that is made to your articles to make sure that they make sense and are readable to the search engines and your visitors. This is done without any typing!
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Create Articles Super Fast- You can spin an article in just a few seconds and a couple of clicks and you'll have an original piece of content ready to serve to search engines and visitors. You can pump out hundreds of articles in this amazing software in under an hour!

Versatile Options - You can load your content from a text file, a website URL or just copy and paste it into the system so you can be sure that it will work on any of your content customization projects.

 Master Resale Rights



Tired of All the Time It Takes You to Post to Your Blog?

Discover the Amazing New Software Program That Automates the Entire Process!

Enables you to post to a blog automatically by using a fully controlled admin panel that includes such features as add/edit category, articles, email settings, Google and top/bottom post setting!

Allows you to quickly and easily add/edit/delete categories and articles!

Facilitates adding a large number of articles stored in a text file all at one time!

Provides you with a way to easily search/sort categories and articles!

Contains an 'Email Settings' section that helps you store emails for sending blogs to blogger, LiveJournal,    MovabalType, MSNSpaces and TypePad while also helping you store settings for WordPress!

Through its 'Post Settings' feature, allows you to specify blog post settings:

On a particular date

After specific interval, such as after every two hours/days/months

After every specific interval from today

On a particular date after every specific hour/minute/second

Boasts customized top/bottom settings that can be specified for a particular post!

Contains Google AdSense Code that can also be added as top/bottom settings.

Gives the status of the post such as whether the posting is completed/not completed/started through its �Managing Post Settings� feature!

Exports to a text file articles posted on a particular date or on a particular blogger!

And much, much more!

Blog AutoPoster Makes Earning Money With

Blogs Easier Than It�s Ever Been Before!

What�s not to love about blogs?

They are easy to drive traffic to

They can be free to create

They can be set up in a just few minutes

They can be great profit generators thanks to Google AdSense or other Pay Per Click programs

Private Label Rights





Add Hot, Fresh, Search Engine Optimized, Keyword-Targeted Blog Content to Your Site Automatically! Build a Giant Website With Thousands of Pages Instantly - 


All Real Content! 

No Spam Pages!



Generate thousands of keyword-targeted, theme-related content pages. Content is always fresh and optimized.

Auto-Blog Builder is your automatic website site builder. Build a giant website with 10,000 pages instantly... all real content rather than spam pages.

Auto-Blog Builder GENERATES new pages every time and adds them to your site! It does not generate a fixed number of pages that keep getting refreshed. What does this do? It increases your listings in search engines which translates to increased traffic potential.

Fetch niche blog content by entering targeted keywords related to your site theme/topic/niche. You can also add RSS xml links manually.
Just make sure you remove links of sites that do not permit you to use their content, ok?
Multilingual support! This hot feature alone is worth more than the cost Auto-Blog Builder. Auto-build websites with multilingual content like: Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc. to take advantage of the growing foreign PPC markets!

Keep Reading!

Auto-Blog Builder is a standalone software.  No add on script or code is required! No need to use, Word Press, Movable Type or ANY similar stuff in order to be able to use Auto-Blog Builder.

Encourages More Search Engine Spider Visits and Higher Search Engine Rankings! Auto-News Builder increases the frequency of search engine spider visits to your website and improves your search engine ranking.
Fully Optimized Internal Link Structure for quick indexing by search engine spiders. The aim is to enhance search engine spiders to crawl more of your web pages within a shorter visiting period of time.
Well Structured Categories for quick searching and optimisation. Categories are in alphabatical sorted order. Administrator can also change category order as per need.
Records are Well Arranged in either there orignal publishing date or the date of fetching records. This dates can be opt when adding XML links.
Previous Posts are arranged in alphabatical order. Post from archives are also sorted in alphabatical order now.
Increase Your Affiliate Commissions and Google AdSense Earnings*!

Easy ad management system - you can customize the space with AdSense, banner ads or text ads

Complete reference and credit to content sources. Content sources are always quoted.

 Private Label Rights


MEDIA Auto Responders

Make YOUR Autoresponder Emails Jump From The Ordinary To An Extraordinary Using Media Autoresponder Email Software...

Announcing The Next Generation Media Auto Responder Software. Send Unlimited Text, HTML, Audio And Video Emails Automatically

Grab Your Prospects Attention Like A Magnet...

A recent study found that emails that used Media more than tripled conversions over plain text emails.

Software And Data is held entirely on your own web site / server.

No Monthly Fees, No Third Party Ads or banners in any of your autoresponder email messages.

Online Control Panel An extremely Easy to use password-protected control panel.

Professional, autoresponder addresses are for professionalism.

Unlimited Autoresponders Unlimited Media campaigns, Unlimited Media follow ups, Unlimited Media broadcasts.

Unlimited Message Length Your autoresponder email message can be as long or as short as you want

Unlimited Message Changes Change, update or edit your autoresponder email messages whenever you want, 24 hours a day.

Advanced Personalization. Merge Unlimited different fields of each subscribers personal information into every autoresponder email message you send.

Signature Files Create and manage multiple signature files in a single location. All email messages where the signature file is used will all automatically change when you change your signature file content.

Autoresponder Attachments Send attachments of up to 1MB with your autoresponder email messages. Send subscribers your company brochure or additional literature.

Audio / Video Autoresponder Email Content Upload unlimited Media audio / video - which will play automatically when the reader opens your Media autoresponder email message. 

Automatic Email Format Detector Automatically combine several message formats together in a single autoresponder email message: Plain Text, HTML Audio / Video and AOL Optimized Plain Text. Media Autoresponders software automatically detects which email format a reader can receive and then delivers it to them. 

Confirmed Opt-in You may switch your autoresponders to opt-in mode, so that your subscribers must confirm their intention to subscribe before they are added. With the CAN SPAM Law, you need all the protection you can get! (If you transfer a list from another autoresponder service or software - your list does not have to click a confirm link again, as you can switch the opt-in mode off while you transfer / import your existing list). 

Spam Complaints Protection IP address and subscription date / time recorded for all form-based subscriptions.  Emailed subscriptions have their email header records stored for each subscriber and can be emailed to subscriber as proof of subscription.

Test Autoresponder Email Messages Test your autoresponders by sending all saved messages instantly to an email address of your choice, so that you don't have to wait days before all follow-ups are delivered. 

Manual Broadcast Broadcast an email ('a manual follow-up') to your mailing list; you can use this to announce new products, notify your prospects about special offers etc. 

Broadcasting To Multiple Lists Broadcast a single email across multiple lists in one go, with automatic exclusion of duplicate subscribers so each only gets one copy of the email message. 

HTML Form Generator Copy and place generated HTML code on your website, which will automatically add prospects to your autoresponder. Includes an option for "multiple choice subscriptions" to accept subscriptions to multiple autoresponders on one form.

Automatic Capitalization of your subscriber's name when they complete your subscription form.

Customization of your subscriber-facing web pages such as subscription confirmation pages.

Powerful Tracking Features Helps you determine where your prospects came from. 

Active Prospects Lists Edit/remove all active prospects (people who have triggered your autoresponder recently and are in your autoresponder cycle, waiting for all follow-ups to be delivered), you may also add more prospects manually. 

Mailing List Shows your mailing list (all people who have triggered your autoresponder in the past, not just the active prospects); you can edit/remove/import entries. 

Undeliverable Views a list of emails that were rejected ('bounced-back') by the email system, because for example your prospective customer changed their email address. 

Removals Shows a list of email addresses of people who removed themselves from your autoresponder. 

Users Online Help Guide Step-By-Step Instructions to guide you, meaning that the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the functions of  Media Autoresponders software are never more than a click away. 

Make Your Autoresponder Emails Jump From The Ordinary To The Very Extraordinary With The Brand New Media Autoresponders Software Script...

Private Label Rights


Diginamic COMPILER

Stop Creating eBook & Online Software the HARDWAY .. you are about to find one simple tool that will be your ultimate application wherever you go in creating info products

Finally... The one tool that creates e-Book dynamically where it gives you freedom how you want to create your Own Info Products & Online Software and Power It Virally 


Easy to install, easy to use, e-books made easy!

Small file size for e-books

E-book content is secure, safe, and loads quickly

Add your branding information to every e-book you create easily

Comprehensive help system that explains everything in simple terms.

Save your e-book settings so you can pick up where you left off at a later time

Protect your URLs in the Live Web Link version, the URL never shows

HOT FEATURE!! Create trial e-books that will expire just like shareware

HOT FEATURE!! Add a password lock to your e-book  to protect your content.
Combine trial expiration and password lock to create an e-book that expires, then your users can register or purchase the password.

HOT FEATURE!! Use our Viral Email Activation system right on your own web server where users must register a valid email address, and confirm it to open the e-book

Stop right-click to �view source� by disabling right clicks on HTML pages

Add a Table of Contents automatically in the File Based compiler. (See help)

Little or no knowledge of HTML and web pages required

Save files from any word processing software as HTML and use the File based compiler

Link to your existing web pages using the Live Web Linked compiler

HOT FEATURE!! Live Web Linked compiler includes a re-branding tool so you can rebrand the same e-book for your affiliates and they never see any of your page link content

Full Help/Detailed Instruction Guide Included

 Master Resale Rights




Now You Can Build An Online Image And File Hosting Service!

People can Store, Back-up and Share Images, Files and Documents with their co-workers, friends and family with any web browser.


    Start your own Image and file hosting site

    Fast and easy image and file uploading.

    Edit file names and descriptions.

    Short and simple image and file URLs.

    Edit and delete the images and files you have uploaded.

    Create and share picture galleries.

    Create downloadable URLs for digital files.


 Private Label Rights




How much is your time worth? And how much of it do you spend on trying to get other sites to link to your site?

Would The Thought Of Thousands Of Other Web Site's All Displaying Your Content, And A Link Back To Your Web Site Excite You?

What if it even got better and this could all happen automatically, with a simple push of a button.....



Imagine a tool that would:

Simply allow you to add all of your RSS feeds into a list.

Select which RSS feed directories you would like to submit your feeds to

And with the push of a button blast your feed instantly to all of them

Possibly double or triple your income, with the extra traffic almost overnight



WORDPRESS Themed BackLinks Generator

Get Your Website Indexed And Ranked Fast With The WordPress Themed Backlinks Generator...

WordPress Themed Backlinks Generator is a software that helps you find hundreds of WordPress blogs with high PageRank that matches the theme of your website and lets you submit comments with links back to your website to them. 

Inshort, WordPress Themed Backlinks Generator software can bring you one way high PR backlinks to your site, that Google loves!

WordPress Themed Backlinks Generator is so Quick and Easy to use. Simple as A, B, C.

A) Enter your keywords into the software and click the search button

B) The blogs that the software has found, delete the thoses whose page rank is below a certain figure.

C) Click the load browser button and the blogs that are found are loaded in the browsers, ready for you to enter your comment and press submit.

 Master Resale Rights




An Easy Solution to Manage Multiple ClickBank� products with a Single ClickBank� Account!


Script Installation Wizard - This Desktop Application will install Perl Scripts into your webhost.  No manual uploading, CHMOD setting etc is necessary.

Installation Guide and Quick Start Guide

Website with Cover Graphics and screenshots to use.

Transferable Master Resale Rights.


You have full rights to Resell this Script for any price you like.  You can sell it in membership sites, eBay, or anywhere you like.


 Master Resale Rights




The Text To Speech Converter will turn any text into an audio file at the click of a button!


The simple fact of the matter is people WILL NOT READ IF THEY CAN LISTEN!

Whatever the message is, listening to it instead of having to read it will get it across much more successfully.

Turn your ebooks, articles and reports into audio to listen to yourself or sell to customers as an interesting and effective method of learning.

Create audio teaching packs from new course manuals for your staff, who will appreciate and benefit from the more efficient method of developing new skills and techniques.

Produce podcasts for the upcoming boom in iPod technology before other companies in your niche with the built-in Podcast Creator! This will give you first access to thousands of potential new customers!

Use the software to issue reports and memos to staff, new product descriptions to customers, provide professional updates for company meetings, and even news or promotional information to post on your website or business blog!

The beauty of this software product is its portability? information can be obtained wherever you are, whatever you're doing. It also makes use of the most effective method of message delivery and teaching: listening

 Master Resale Rights



"Discover The Secret "Talking Website" Strategy That Sucks The Cash Right Out Of Your Visitors Pockets..."

Does your website talk? 

If you said no, you could be loosing a small fortune everyday... Audio has the ability to make your website make you 300% MORE money, and now you can add audio to your website in 5 minutes flat... and never pay a monthly fee!

Step 1 All you need to do is plug your microphone into your PC, choose a name for your audio message, hit the record button and start talking!

Step 2 Select Your Audio Button color... and click create!

Step 3 Enter your website FTP user name and password and "Website Audio For Newbies" uploads your new audio file to your website for you!

Step 4 Paste a few lines of code that "Website Audio For Newbies" software creates for you into your website.

That's it, you now have the power of audio selling your product from your website for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

 Master Resale Rights



Who Else Wants To...

Discover The Hidden Secrets of Successful Money-making
Infoproduct Sales Pages And Make Sure You Have
Created "Pulling" Sales Pages For Your Infoproducts

How are meta tags, headlines, paragraphs, scripts, pictures, keywords, colors, fonts and over 50 different elements are tied together to make an Infoproduct Sales Page amazingly successful?

How is the Sales Page designed? Are the colors used web-safe?

What keywords are used? How frequently they are used? How are the keywords placed throughout the page?

Where and how does the Sales Page get listed on major search engines?

Are these keywords used found in the top 500 searches?

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[private label rights packages]


Instantly analyze any infoproduct sales page directly from the Internet and find out how the page has been designed. (Ebook sites, software sites, infoproduct sales pages)


Analyze your own ebook, software or infoproduct sales pages and compare the results with other successful, money-making web sites.


Get instant results for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for keywords in your sales pages.


Find out the Search Engine positions of your competitors.


Learn the techniques used by your competitors in designing their infoproduct sales pages.


Discover the keywords used by your competitors and how those keywords are used throughout their sales pages.


Easily understand how headings, fonts and colors are used.


Find out how many "hypnotic" words are used in any sales page that makes the visitor click the order button.

  Discover the techniques like, copywriting, writing styles, persuasive phrases and power words used in any infoproduct sales page.

... All the above features and many more to give you complete control and power to build or tweak your sales pages so that your website brings you real cash and not just visitors.



Finally... YOU Can Now Create Your Own Personal Mailing List Fan Club And Make Money From It With Every E-zine Issues And E-mail Messages You Sent Out To Your Subscribers - And They Have Every Reason NOT To Ignore Your E-mails!

How to get targeted subscribers into your mailing list with minimum effort, maximum results.
How to develop trust and relationship between you and your subscribers.
How to get your subscribers to give you a chance by opening your E-mails.
How to get your subscribers to buy from you instead of from other people they are subscribed to.
How to create a mailing list system that works without any guesswork and little testing on your part.
How to understand your subscribers' needs and interest so you know what product or service to endorse to them!




Direct to Client Autoresponder System

Achieve 100% Message Delivery Rate, Boost Your Customer Loyalty, Skyrocket Your Message Response Rates, Recover 'Lost' Revenues & Generate Mega Sales from Your Messages and Newsletter!



How would you like to have a top-rated, state-of-the-art software solution that has all the strengths and benefits of an email autoresponder system, yet it jumps over all the problems, weaknesses, shortcomings and difficulties facing and challenging email autoresponder systems and email communication?


Master Resale Rights


 Push Button Cover Design


"You're About To Discover An Awfully Simple-But-Powerful System That Can Do All The E-Cover Works For You At The Push Of The Button!" buy private label right products buy private label rights product buy private label rights products private label right products private label rights product private label rights products "buy private label right products" "buy private label rights product" "buy private label rights products" "private label right products" "private label rights product" "private label rights products" [buy private label right products] [buy private label rights product] [buy private label rights products] [private label right products] [private label rights product] [private label rights products] You Will NEVER Believe Until You Read This - Finally, You Can Now Churn Out UNLIMITED Professional Covers For Your Own Even If You've Never Touched A Paint Program Before!


 Sales Letter In A Box


"Write A Million-Dollar Sales Letter In Under 10 

Minutes By Simply Filling In The Blanks!"

Revolutionary new software "Sales Letter In A Box", 

allows you to quickly create powerful sales letters 

and turn ANY site into a 24/7 money-making machine.


 Master Resale Rights


Article Advantage Pro!

 Article Advantage Pro

At Last! 

A Way In Which Even The Most Novice Webmasters (And Webmistresses!) Can Plaster Crowd-Pulling Articles 

All Over The Web!
(And You Don't Even Have To Write A Word!)


Master Resale Rights


 Web Elements E-Z Tools

Now you can create professional 

attention grabbing 

interactive website features 

in minutes right from your desktop 

with this powerhouse collection of 14 

java script generators and wizards !



Master Resale Rights


 About Ipod Video


Don't Play Your Ipod without Reading this Book FIRST!

What You Need to Know About Ipod Video
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 Viral Marketing Values




Who Else Wants To Spend Less and Earn More Using Free and Low Cost Viral Marketing Website Promotion Tactics?



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 Mini-Site Made Easy With Dreamweaver


"Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Create Unlimited Mini-Sites With Dreamweaver� By Watching Exactly How To Do It With My Most Exclusive Step-By-Step Online Video Coaching Tutorials"



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 Tracking Your Sales


If You're NOT Tracking Your Sales, 

It's Like NOT Tracking the Life of Your private label right products buy private label rights product buy private label rights products private label right products private label rights product private label rights products "buy private label right products" "buy private label rights product" "buy private label rights products" "private label right products" "private label rights product" "private label rights products" [buy private label right products] [buy private label rights product] [buy private label rights products] [private label right products] [private label rights product] [private label rights products]

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The Affiliate Marketer's Handbook   

The Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed

How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

 By Mastering These Essential Techniques 

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THE SECRETS To Earning $150 A Day Bum Marketing In Less Than A Month


What most people don't understand is that you don't have to get everything right all the time with bum marketing. You don't have to be right all the time, you don't have to be perfect all the time, you don't have to be the greatest marketer of all time to make bum marketing work for you.

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 Cash Sucking Sales Letters

�Discover The Simple And Proven Step-By-Step Methods And Techniques To Creating Hypnotic Sales Copy That Turns Visitors Into Eager To Buy Paying Customers!�

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 $100 A Day Income System


Unlock The Private Label Rights To This Brand New "Never Before Released To The Public"
Mini-Course SQUEEZE PAGE Package And Take Advantage
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 Two Minutes Profit


How an Adwords campaign that costs
$4.22 makes me $414.76 every month.
And how I replicate it in just 2 minutes.

CPC = $0.02, CTR = 64.06%
Total Cost = $4.22, Profits = $ 410.54

Is this even possible? You bet it is. Here's proof:



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 Adsense Domination Secrets


By Far, This Is The Most Comprehensive And Revealing Course For The Adsense Program To Date And All That You Will Ever Need To Know On How To Succeed With Google's 'Wonder Toy' Can Be Found Within Its Pages, Which Are Loaded With Fantastic And Exclusive Information!




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Make Money With AdSense - Download Making Sense of AdSense now!

 Making Sense Of Adsense!

If You're Not Already Using Google Adsense On Your Web Sites...
You're Leaving A Lot Of Money On The Table


Making Sense
of AdSense
is your
plain-language guide to making long-term revenue from your existing and new web sites!�

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 Blogsense hybrid marketing

Innovative Internet Marketing Tools

Experts Classified Manuscript Reveals Hybrid Tactics For Using Blogging & Adsense To
"Rake It In"
Even If Your Brand New, When It Comes to Making Cash Online!
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 Sales Letter For Newbies


How YOU Can Write Your Own Sales Letter - Which Produces a Minimum 2-4% Conversion Rate - And Save Up To $10,000 From Hiring Your Own Copywriter!

At Long Last... Finally, Owning An In-Demand, Quality Product Complete With Professional Sales Letter And Beautiful Graphics Yet Skipping The Product Creation Process Is Now POSSIBLE - And You Can Do Just That In The Next 5 Minutes! - In Dummie's Terms!


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 Ultimate Newsletter Templates


Stop Losing Your Subscribers!

"Give Me Only 3 Minutes and I'll Reveal to You the #1 Hidden Mistake 95% of Newsletter Publishers Make, and How You Can Smartly and Easily Avoid It to Make Your Subscribers Love Your Newsletter, Want to Read Your Every Issue, And Even Happily Tell Their Friends About It!"

Did You Know? Studies show the average newsletter loses several subscribers every time a new issue is sent out . So if you are a newsletter publisher or want to start your own newsletter, you don't want to miss out this...

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$7 Secrets

Trying to break into creating your own informational products? Having problems selling the ones you've already created? Need a way to boost your conversion rates AND your profits? Then listen up, because I'm about to show you...

How one man made over $3,000 in just 7 days by selling a 30 page report for $7.


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 Affiliate PayDay

Affiliate Marketing Expert Spills All Insider Secrets In Candid, 

Easy To Read Ebook!

The day did come, but not until I wasted thousands of dollars and countless hours and almost had a nervous breakdown....


�How To Get Paid Every Month Promoting Affiliate Programs�

Whether You Worked That Month Or Not!�

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 Auction Traffic Explosion


Discover how a real life eBay PowerSeller 

who actually trades on eBay legally 

drives 1000s of visitors to his 

websites using online auctions
and the viral power of eBay.



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 File Sonar

It Has Cost Over $4,336.72 To Develop This In-demand Software!


Breaking News: 

Incredible New Software 


Deleted And Lost Files 

That You Thought Were Gone Forever...





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Just think of the endless possibilities of being able to create your own IE toolbars....



"You're About To Discover An Awfully Simple-But-Powerful System That Can Do All The Coding Work For You And Create Toolbars For IE At The Push Of The Button!"

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 URL Clamp



Discover How to Shrink Long URLs 

& Hide Your Affiliate Links � 

Right From Your Desktop!



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20 SEO Tools

 Top 20 SEO Tools

Has Google mistreated you? Is Yahoo leaving you on page 492? 

Is MSN treating you like a red-headed stepchild?


Every Tool You Could Ever Need To Rank In Every Search Engine Is Revealed! SEO Secrets Are Exposed With The Tools The Pros Use!


The myths behind how to rank on the major search engines don't apply here. 

All you need is the tool I reveal to you to conquer any niche you can imagine.



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 Red Hot Investments


Discover "Hidden Investment Strategies" that Creates Warren Buffet and Other Millionaire Investors Rich. Get Access On How You Can Grab This Insider Info to Start Build Your Portfolio wildly.


The Insiders Information that Offers Huge Dividends, Massive Growth Potential, Tax Breaks, Limited Downside Potential & More... 



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 Instant Adsense Article Directory

�At Last! You Can Make Money With Google Adsense� With Your Very Own "Authority" Site Without Having To Write One Word of Content!'

After months of creating a super to easy article directory script along with one of the most secret and underground strategies, 

we're finally going to give you the chance to create a high ranking authority 

site in any niche you want no matter how much competition...�

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 Content Clamp


Introducing A Brand New Software Program
That Creates Search Engine Readable
'Windows of Opportunity'!

"Are You Sick And Tired Of Needing To Build Web Pages That Are A MILE LONG, Just For Good Keyword Density?"

Are Your Visitors Sick Of Seeing Them?

Could Your Adsense or Content Sites Possibly
Survive Without Them?

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 Turning Digital Trash Into Cash

 Are Your Products Working For You? If NOT...


"Here's How To Convert Resell Rights & Private Label Products In Your Hard Drive Into Cash-Generating Assets That Makes Money For YOU At Will!"


Discover The Biggest Lie About Resell Rights Items And Private Label Products That Is Sucking MAJORITY Of The Online Marketers Into Poverty At Warp Nine... And How You Can Escape This Terrifying Wrath!


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 Explosive Network Marketing Jumpstart


"Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Explode Your Network Marketing  Business To GREATER Heights As Practiced By TOP Networkers From Around The World!"


If You Have Not Been Achieving The Kind Of Success You Desired In Your Network Marketing Journey Up Until Now, Then This Is Going To Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read!


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 PC Protection Guide


�I Was In Shock!                       

My Hard Drive Was Dead, A

nd My Entire Business Was Lost. 

I Felt Like I Was Having A Heart Attack��

Whole Business�
Wiped Out In SECONDS�


This Special Guide Is The Only One Of Its Kind. 

Every Single Step To Being 100% Protected


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 Expired Domains




It's Sneakily Being Done By The Very Top Experts In Every High Profit Niche To Bring Them HUGE Volumes Of Targeted Traffic From DAY ONE!


Buying Expired Domain Names 

That Have Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Unique Daily Visitors 

Is The Underground Tactic That Niche Gurus 

All Over The World Don't Want You To Know About...


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 How To Write Your Own Killer Salesletter

Fire your copywriter and let me show you...

"How YOU Can Write Your Own Sales Letter That Kills - Which Produces a Minimum 2-4% Conversion Rate - And Save $10,000 From Hiring Your Own Copywriter!"


At Long Last... YOU Can Now Write Your Own Professional Copy That Sells... Because I Am Going To Give You The "Brains" Of A Professional Copywriter - In Layman's Terms!


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 Magic Formula



Are You Frustrated 

That Your Online Business Is Sinking?

Then You'll Jump With Joy
When You Discover The 14 Easy 

& Simple Tips You Can Apply 

Today To Transform It!


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 Affiliate Success Blue Print


Finally! A Simple And Complete Blueprint To Long Term Affiliate Success�


�Discover The Simple, Proven And Effective Methods To Becoming A Successful Affiliate That Actually Work!�


Becoming an affiliate is supposed to be  the absolute easiest and effortless way to start making money on the internet�so why do so many affiliates fail miserably without even making a single sale for the products they are promoting?


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 Ezine Publishing RICHES


"Discover How YOU Can Quickly And Easily Your Own Virtual Gold Mine That Can Ram In Never-Ending Streams Of Income... Through Sending E-mails!"


If You Have Always Wanted To Build Your Own Media Of Influence And Own The License To Print Money At Will Without Incurring High Expenses In The Process... 


Here's The Ultimate Opportunity For YOU To Publish Your Very Own Electronic Newsletter Online At Low Cost For Maximum Profits!

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 Keyword Cash Generator

Place Money-Making Links on Hundreds of Web Pages in Mere Seconds!


�Who Else Wants to Discover an Amazing Tool That Turns Any Keyword You Select into Money-Making Affiliate
Links & Anchor Text?�


Imagine Being Able to INSTANTLY Create
Passive Revenue Streams in Your Website Content That Will Send Money Flooding
into Your Bank Account 24/7!

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�Discover How A Revolutionary (But Yet Very Simple) Tool Will GUARANTEE That Your Message Reaches Your Members� Anytime, Every Time & Without Fail!�


Think about it. EVERYONE has a homepage � the start page that is visited every time a new browser is launched. And your message will be right there, at the top of your members� homepage � impossible to miss.


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 Pricing Strategies Exposed


"Discover How I Increased My Sales By 

965% In 14 Hours Just By Increasing My 

Prices And Learn How You Can Do This Too..."

With These Strategies, 

You'll Discover How To Price Your Products

 Strategically For Maximum Profits


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 How To Create Your Own Video Product


Are you ready to learn what marketing experts

 have known for quite awhile about creating

 your own video products? 

It's simple with this step by step guide.


Now YOU Can Finally Learn All the ins and outs of Creating Your Own Video Product...and it's broken down into simple terms ANYONE can understand!

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101 Basics To Search Engine Optimization


Are YOU Ready to Climb Your Way Up The Search Engine Rankings and Start Getting the FREE Traffic You're Looking For?

101 Basics To Search Engine Optimization



Tried and Tested Methods Revealed!

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A Step-by-step Guide To Dynamic Website Creation

Here's A 35 Page No Filler Step by Step Guide to Dynamic Website Creation
Dynamically Generate AdSense Niche Sites
Just upload your keywords and instantly turn them into thousands of targeted pages full of targeted AdSense ads.

Dynamically Generate Your Own "Cool Little Websites"
Again, just upload your keywords and crank out thousands of pages with targeted AdSense ads, Ebay Auction Listings and Amazon Ads.
Dynamically Generate Custom Landing Pages
Easily create targeted landing pages for your Adwords Campaigns and customized Sales Letters.

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Copy Your Way TO Success!


"Discover How To Quickly Copy 

The Proven Profit Tactics 

That Work To Guarantee Your Own Online Success!"

Set Yourself Apart From The 95% 

Of Marketers Struggling To Make A Living Online 

By Modelling Your Business 

On The 5% Who Are Already Wildly Successful . . .

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Private Label Dominations

Discover How to Profit Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

 With Private Label rights 

& Public Domain Products & Source Code!

Have You Ever Felt Like the Only People

 Making Money With Private Label rights

& Public Domain Products 

Are Marketers Who Are Selling 

Them to Other Marketers to Resell?


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 First Class Resell Rights Marketers

"Discover And Master FIRST CLASS Resell Rights Marketing Strategies At YOUR Fingertips and Make A Fortune From Buying & Reselling Digital Products Starting Today!"

If You HATE Creating Products But LOVE Pocketing 100% Of The Sales Selling Other People's Products, Then You Have Every Reason To Read This Letter!




First Class Resell Rights Marketer Volume #2:
How and Where to Look For TOP Quality Resell Rights Products

  • The first rule of thumb when it comes to sourcing for products you can resell and keep ALL the profits for your own!

  • The type of products you should NEVER, ever invest in! (Hint: new information virtually doubles every 18 months.)

  • How to easily avoid frustrating legal trouble with product authors... and still enjoy peace of mind (and profits) reselling other people's products legally

  • And much more!

First Class Resell Rights Marketer Volume #3:
Marketing Your Resell Rights Business to the Max!

  • The most critical phase to your Resell Rights Business success... and how to execute it clean-cut!

  • All the essentials you will need in starting and setting up your Resell Rights Marketing business!

  • How to set up your first Resell Rights Business - step-by-step!

  • How to plan and build a series of Resell Rights Business models that really, really work!

  • And much more!

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 3 Secret To Successful Newsletters


"Give Me 3 Minutes and I'll Show You the Top 3 Secrets to Highly Successful Newsletters, and How You Can Use Them for Your Newsletter Easily!"

 So would you like to discover the top 3 secrets of this formula to make your newsletter highly successful?




web elements deluxe web design graphics collection

Never Be Stuck For Web Graphics, Templates,
Bullets, Buttons Or Banners Again
Increase Your Sales And Create Stunning Looking Web Sites
With Over 3500 Attention Grabbing Graphics !

Create color harmonized websites in seconds with these complete web style sets. Hundreds of complimentary graphic banners - bullets - buttons and dividers that you need to give your websites that professional look !

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EZ  PSD Graphic Templates

How To Save $97.00 Every Time You Need Graphics Created! !

 "Creating Your Own Graphics With Easy To Edit Templates!"

Most people are completely unaware of how easy it is to edit ready made templates, Sure graphics can be hard to do... But once you have a starting point like a ready made graphic template... well the work gets much easier and it saves you a lot of time.

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Creating an online business 101

The Total Guide To Creating an Online Business

Don't spin your wheels and waste your hard earned cash on ANYTHING...until you read the definitive guide to success online!

Freedom to do whatever amount of work you want, whenever you want.

Unlike a regular job or business, online businesses can be run from your house...and at any time you choose to work on it. You don't need to clock in, you don't need to worry about being late... and best of all, you dictate when and how much free time you have!


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Copywritting for the web basics

Are YOU Ready to Learn the Simple, yet Effective Techniques That Successful Web Copywriters Have Perfected?

The Beginner's Guide to Writing Effective Copy on the Internet


All New, Clear Cut Information!

Learning web copywriting on your own could take ages...Accelerate your learning process, and become an effective web copywriter immediately!


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Motivated Marketing System
I'm about to hand you THE KEYS to...

   � Instantly attract and motivate affiliates 
   � Virally grow your membership or opt-in list 
   � Manage affiliates & commissions on autopilot 
   � Create "one time offers" to boost your profits 

Motivated Marketing System graphic

  • Motivates your visitors to join your list 

  • Motivates your prospects to buy now 

  • Motivates your customers to become affiliates 

  • Motivates your affiliates to promote your website 

  • Motivates your self to achieve your goals 

Tick "User Friendly" Affiliate URL's

Tick Supports Unlimited Number of Products

Tick Built-in Autoresponder   Tick Supports Multiple Payment Processors

Tick Third-Party Autoresponder Support  Tick Email Broadcast To Members

Tick Create One Time Offers  Tick Unencrypted Source Code

Tick Fully Customizable Commission System Tick Instant Split Payments

Tick Customizable Affiliate Program  Tick Marketing Materials for Your Affiliates



VIP Interactive Site Creator

Build Interactive SEO Niche Sites With Content - Articles, Jokes, Games, Pictures/Images, Audio Clips, Video Clips And More... With Just A Few Simple Clicks!

Your Site Visitors Will Tell You Which Content They Like Most By Rating It!

Enter Sites With Text Content, Audio, Video & More!

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Easy Poll Creator

Find Out What Your Website Visitors Think, Like, Need & Want!


Create Your Own Branded, Fully-Customized, Attractive (Text/Image) Polls, Easily... in Minutes!

Easy Poll Creator - Create Amazing Polls for Your Website Quickly & Easily!



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CB Text Ads Generator

Skyrocket Your Clickbank Affiliate Commissions By Auto-Converting Contextually Relevant Keywords on Your Web Pages to Unobtrusive Profit-Generating Clickbank Affiliate Links!

In fact, on mouse over, the keyword would display a relevant Clickbank product with its title and description!  Like this:

(Note: You can edit the title, description, colors of text, window, etc.)

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Bloggers guide to profits


Give Me 1 Hour And I'll Teach You How To Shift Your Business Into 5th Gear With The Untapped Power Of Blogs!

Who Else Wants To Harness The Power Of Blogging To Mass-Market Your Sales Message To Thousands Of (Loyal) Readers Who Build Your Sales Base From The Ground Up?

Surprising Truth : Smart Business Owners Are Using Blogs To Promote New Ventures, New Products, Establish Customer Relationships And Make Lots Of Money In The Process!

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The Newbie's Guide To Making Software 


The secret of creating custom software for niche markets that NEED your products (and will pay well to get 'em)!


Give Me 45 Minutes And I'll Teach You How To Start Cranking Out Custom Software That Sells Like Crazy - Without Ever Writing A Single Piece Of Code!

Who Else Wants To Start Generating Wild Profits Creating In-Demand Custom Software?


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The Buy Impulse 


Read Every Word On This Site

Because I'll Show You How To Get The Power of 26 Secret Mind Controlling Tools That Will Give You: More Customers Who Spend More Money More Frequently

The Buy Impulse

How To Get More Customers To Spend More Money More Frequently!

26 Mind Control Tools!


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 Multilingual Profit Generator

Maximize Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions And Skyrocket Your Google AdSense Profits By Generating Your Own SEO Amazon Stores in English, French & German... With a Click of a Button!

Would you like to create your own Amazon stores, loaded with category products and keyword-related products of your choice,  and "fully/heavily" armed with your affiliate links... with a click of a button?


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 My WebSpy

Save Hours Of Your Precious Time And Increase Your Online Efficiency By Auto-Monitoring All Your Favorite Web Pages & Blogs For Changes & Updates... Easily!

Receive Notifications & Alerts Only When Your Monitored Web Pages Are Updated. Changes Are Highlighted For You!



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Download Greek 

"The Ultimate digital product vending system"

Have you ever wanted to print money? Well now we are giving you a license to print unlimited money DOWNLOAD GEEK X allows you to open up your own software shopping center, software creators come to your site and sign up to sell the products using your digital product shopping cart and auto download system and you get a percent of every sale the vendors make from your site�.

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Now you can generate recurring income month after month with a membership site�without paying thousands for a management script!...

Run A Subscription Site Like The Internet Marketing Pros!
Generate Recurring Income, Month After Month!

Get Paid Without Having To Set Up A Merchant Account!
Automatically Manage All Your Subscription Accounts!

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Lead Capture Pace Creator 

You Know One Of The Biggest Keys To Having A Successful Internet Marketing Career Is To Have A List. Well You May Ask What�s The Best Way To Build A Responsive List. The Answer Is Simple, Giveaways�. 

YOU MAY BE SAYING TO YOURSELF how will a giveaway make me successful. It works like this you ask someone to give you their name and email address they click submit and verify their email address then they get directed to a download page after successful verification, you get their email address added to your list they get your free offer to download. The newest tool on the market to make all this as simple as 123 is LEAD CAPTURE PAGE GENERATOR.

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Stream Traffic Generator


Consistently Generate Nearly Unstoppable Floods Of Targeted Leads and Traffic to your websites or any business opportunity programs

Get A Non-Stop, Laser Targeted, Stream of Traffic To Any Of Your Websites In A Flash Explode Your Opt-In Conversion Rates, Capture Leads, And Squeeze Every Ounce Of Potential Profit From This Massive Influx Of Visitors.....

Discover The Mind-Blowing Secrets
On How To Get More Free Targeted Visitors To Your Site, And Turn Easy Traffic Into Easy Cash In Less Than 10 Minutes From Now Virtually Guarantee..

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The Rank Generator 


Increase your website ranking like never before. The Rank Generator (Php script) is GUARANTEED to increase your Website ranking by atleast 50%. Send well over 10,000 hits to your site per hour with this incredible program. Watch your Alexa ranking increase like you want it to.

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Pay Per Click Search Engine Generator


Skyrocket Your Website's PROFITS With Keyword-Targeted PPC Content & Your Own 'Intelligent' PPC Search Box!

Content is king for both site visitors and search engine spiders! Moreover, PPC Profit Generator's PPC content is always refreshing, which makes the spiders crawl your site more often, and improve your S.E. rankings!

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VIP Cart

'Out-of-the-Box', Feature-Rich, eCommerce, Search Engine Friendly SHOPPING CART SOLUTION!


Easily Build, Edit, and Maintain Your Online Shopping Cart Without Any Programming or HTML Knowledge! 

Generate Product Pages that Search Engines Love to Crawl!

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VIP Desk

Your Web-Based Help, Support & Service Desk for Your Site Visitors, Prospects & Customers!

Convert More Prospects to Customers, Skyrocket Customer Loyalty, Increase the Percentage of Repeat Customers, Save Yourself Tons of Customer Support Hours... And A Lot More!




What Do Internet Marketing Pros & Gurus Have in Common?


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Scratch Card Generator 

Utilize Scratch Cards - One of the Most Effective, Profitable and Proven Methods of Promotion that People Absolutely Love , To...

Draw The Attention of your Website Visitors, Explode Your Opt-In List, Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions, Increase Sales of Your Own Product(s), Gain a Competitive Advantage, Market and Promote Anything You Want Successfully!


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Link Shrinker


Link ShrinkerAdd this one technique to your marketing arsenal and...

Redirects and Cloaks Affiliate or Long URL's.
Tick Changes long URL's into short ones.  
Tick URL's contain your domain name.
Tick Simple Administration Panel.
Tick Keeps Track of your Clicks.
Tick Stores Information about the Affiliate or URL site.
Tick Creates Search Engine Friendly URL's.  
Tick Runs on your own server.  
Tick Easy Installation (6 simple steps).  

Increase your Click-thru's, Energize your
Opt-in Rates, and Instantly Double or Triple
your Sales in less than 5 Minutes Guaranteed.

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Competitive Keyword


"Thankfully, There Is An Instant Keyword Research Tool That Anyone Can Install 

And Use Within Mere Seconds!�


Conducting proper 'Keyword Research' allows you to spot good potential markets quickly and easily.  It's the fast track to identifying all those potential 'profit' pots in the marketplace you can fill.


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 E-ZINE Publishing

"Discover How YOU Can Quickly And Easily Your Own Virtual Gold Mine That Can Ram In Never-Ending Streams Of Income... Through Sending E-mails!"


If You Have Always Wanted To Build Your Own Media Of Influence And Own The License To Print Money At Will Without Incurring High Expenses In The Process, This Is Going To Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read!

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word press auto blog roll out



Blog Your Way to Big Bucks!


You really CAN make a life-changing amount of money without even writing a single post!


Automate Your Search Engine Traffic Machines!

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private label content riches

"Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Make A Handsome Fortune Selling Private Label Content!"


If you want to take advantage of the Private Label Rights mania which is taking the Internet Marketing world by storm and also here to stay, this is the MOST important message you will ever read!


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Striking Joint Ventures Made Easy


How you can increase your chances of getting hard hitting partners to say "YES" to your Joint Venture proposal most of the time! (Hint: the fact is that while you can't get every single marketer to say "YES", you can improve the odds even though you have no list or "weight" to your name just yet!)

"How To Tap Into The Greatest Leverage Of All Times In Internet Marketing To Boost Your Sales, Build Your Leads At Warp Speed, Become Recognized Instantly - FREE!"

Discover The Five Overwhelming Benefits Of Striking Joint Venture Deals And How You Can Make This Jealously Guarded Marketing Weapon Absolutely YOURS!

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e-Magic Linker

Discover how you can magically increase the value of your content in a matter of seconds by turning your keywords into Money Making affiliate links and powerfully effective Anchor text

Converts the keywords in your .html, .php, or .txt documents into money making affiliate links and powerfully effective anchor text.

Automatically converts your text files to html to make the links clickable

Can automatically "cloak" the affiliate links created in your pages

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Tell A Friend Detonator


Boost your subscriber list up to more than 300% by using this unique self destructing Tell A Friend Bonus Script!


Imagine having a system that grabs your visitor with an irresistible bonus......but makes sure that their referred friends gets there before they ever see the bonus downloads.


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Exponential Profit Multiplier

�Who Else Wants To Get 2,097,152 Visitors By Every Single Person Who Visits Your Site?�


Exponential Profit Multiplier 

is an easy-to-install traffic generating system that is guaranteed to bring you loads of traffic from every visitor.


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web page shrinker

Have You Ever Wished There were a way to Make Your Content Inside an I-Frame Search Engine Readable?

Can you just imagine the possibilities for your Adsense and Content sites if this were possible?

Wish No Longer! A New Software Program Creates a Content Box Like an I-frame with one HUGE difference, It is Search Engine Readable!


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Info Product creation strategies

"Discover The Jealously Guarded Secrets Of TOP Infopreneurs In Creating HOT Selling Info Products On The Fly And Dominating Their Niche Markets With Absurd Ease!"

And You Will Owe It To Yourself To Read Every Line Of This Letter If You Seriously Want To Be The Next Hard Hitting Infopreneur Created To Dominate Any Red Hot Niche Market Of Your Choice - Just By Creating And Selling Information On The Fly!

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Finally! Now YOU Can Enjoy The Benefits of CAMTASIA Without Having To Pay The $300 Price Tag


With CAMSTUDIO "Internet Marketers Version", output videos can now be viewed in Firefox AND can be redirected to a custom URL upon the end of the clip!


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Chalking Cash From articles 

"Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Multiply Your Internet Business Profit Centers Through Expert Use Of Article Writing!"

Read On To Discover How Your Next 300 Words In Writing Can Be Responsible For Creating Exponential Wealth In Your Online Business!

 All in all, If you distribute articles on a regular basis, you will find that it serves to increase your back links, your traffic, your credibility, your trust, and ultimately your sales for an even longer time.

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"Discover How You - Or Anyone - 

Can Build The BEST Kind Of Gold Mine Online 

From Scratch And Reach Out To Your Money ONE Email Away!"

If You Haven't Been Turning Any Of The Resell Rights Products In Your Hard Drive Into Cash, Here's How You Can Exercise Creative Use In Building Your Very Own Paid Customers List - 

Even If You Don't Have A List To Begin With!


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"How To Discover Multiple Red Hot Keywords For Your Web Pages So You Can..."

Rank Your Websites HIGH In Popular Search Engine Results, Take the Guesswork out of grabbing the potential keywords you need, And use them to Drive In HOT FREE Targeted Traffic!

The Solution To End Your Search Engine Optimizing Agony Is Finally Here, For Finding Potential Keyword Niches Has Never Been Easier!

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"Wouldn't You Like To Know The Secrets That The Top Gurus Use To Successfully Contact And Get Accepted By Joint Venture Prospects That Push Their Product Sales Into The Millions?"


Even if you've never done a single joint venture, I've got the exact step-by-step information you need to get in with with some of the best joint venture partners possible, and I'm going to reveal everything to you!

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 CBAds Genie

Would you like the power to rotate targeted ads on any kind of web page you liked? 

And would you like the ability to control the keywords to suit your site content - Even change the background and border colours to match your site's appearance?....

Thanks to this powerhouse PHP driven script you can now effortlessly promote any of the 11000+ products available in the ClickBank Database.

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17 Skill & How-To's Every Resell Newbie Needs To Know!

'I Have More Resell Rights Products Than I Know What To Do With Them! What Now?'

If you are going to do business in the resell rights market, you're going to need to know how to:

Protecting folders on your server. Create web graphics. Know when to purchase a resell package and when to put your credit card away! How To FTP? Installing Web Scripts.   How Do I Create & Integrate A Header File When The (PHP) Script Doesn't Have One? Modifying Pre-fabricated Sales Pages

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profit making info products Revealed

Stop Banging Your Head Against
 A Brick Wall To Come Up With
Hot Niche Info Product Ideas...


Here's 50 Of Them That You Can Easily

 Develop And Turn Into High Profit

 Income Streams!...


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Adsense The dollar producing factory

What Is AdSense?
Any Website Can Become A Bill-Board
Setting Up Your Google AdSense Account
Getting The Maximum Out Of Google AdSense
What Makes Google AdSense System So Special?
AdSense For Search: What�s that?
Tips For AdSense For Feeds
Google�s Ad Filtering Mechanism.
Making The AdSense Ads Suit Your Website
Understanding Alternate Ads And PSAs
Guidelines For Adding The AdSense Code
AdSense Ad Variations
Top 4 Tips For Getting The Best Results
AdSense Tips That You Might Have Missed Out On
Getting Paid Through AdSense Program
Performance Tracking Through Reports

And Soo Much More!

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Adsense business in a box

How Would You Like To Own A Complete "No B.S, Make Money NOW", AdSense
Pure Profit Pak,  and keep ALL the profits?

AdSense Business In-A-Box is a collection of a whopping 155 Adsense ready web sites, complete with multiple articles for each web site, keys words and each site is already optimized so that you can start making an Adsense income immediately!

Here's some of the Adsense web site topics that you can start making money with now

Audio Streaming
Auto Care
Auto Parts
Auto ResponderS

Babies Toddler
Body Building
Book Marketing
Book Review
Breast Cancer
Broadband Internet
Business Loan
Business Plan

Car Buying
Car Insurance
Car Loan
Car Maintenance
Cell Phone
College University
Computer Tips
Cooking Tips
Creative Writing
Credit Cards
Credit Repair
Currency Trading


Data Recovery
Debt Relief
Digital Camera
Driving Tips

Email Marketing
E Marketing



Hair Loss
Health Insurance
Heart Disease
Home Business
Home Improvement
Home Organization

Interior Design
Internet Tips



Ladies Accessories
Life Insurance


Mailing List
Make Money

Network Marketing

Online Shopping
Paid Survey
PC Games
Personal Injury
Pay Per Click

Real Estate

Sales Letter
Self Employment
Small Business


Vacation Rental
Video Conferencing
Video Streaming
Web Design
Web Development
Web Hosting
Website Traffic
Weight Loss
Writing Tips


Did I leave anything out?
Is there anything left?

Everything comes with 100%
Master Resell Rights!

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Adsense Money Machine

Who Else Wants To Open Endless Income Streams With Google Adsense - The Most Profitable Advertising System Ever Created?

Don't make the mistake of thinking Google will let just ANY website join their program!

The truth is, Google likes some websites better than others. I'll let you in on the "top secret" industry conversations that will reveal how to set up your content site for maximum profit.

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Easy JV& Affiliate Manager

"Here's The Easiest Way For You To Set Up, Track, And Automate Virtually All Aspects Of Your Joint Venture Marketing Campaigns!"

Easy JV & Affiliate Manager is specifically built to give you a winning edge in the Internet business.

Using this software will free up time for you to focus on making money, and it will make your joint venture partners feel safe and secure knowing that they are being taken care of.

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Joint Venture Secrets

Full start to finish tried and tested joint venture guide.

Proven methods of the successful joint venture.

From your introduction and getting noticed, to your follow-up and securing your future and everything in between.

Discover How You Too Can Launch Your Products To Millions Of Hungry Customers Through
The Power Of Joint Ventures

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Content Management Article Extractor

How many times were you stumped when you come to the subject of creating a highly keyword rich content driven website?

The Content Magnet is a DESKTOP BASED content website builder that makes it so easy to build a full content rich website and upload within minutes!

Create unlimited number of content rich website right from your desktop

Edit articles on the fly with built in editor.

Able to upload directly to server via built in FTP program.

Easy insertion of Adsense code for easy deployment.

Get fresh articles and contents within less than 50 seconds tops!

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  Back Burner Traffic  

This one little Ebook will get your web traffic where it needs to be!

Getting Oodles of Traffic To Your Website When Your Time & Money are Limited!

Within 9 pages, you�ll get 11 easy and honest ways to get traffic to your site! These are actual tactics I use for getting traffic to my own site (and you can be sure there is nothing �flash in the pan�, underhanded or phoney-baloney about the tactics!)

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Autopilot Niche eZines



"How To Profit Online By Setting Up Ezines In Any Niche Market For Multiple Streams Of Income...



You'll Learn A New Niche Marketing Strategy That Will Help You Create Multiple Streams Of Autopilot Income Quicker And Easier Than You Ever Imagined!"



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Easy eBook Money

"Discover The Secrets 

To Creating Fast Selling, 

Profit Packed, Info Products 

That Sell Like Crazy!

"Even If You Hate Writing�
And Know Nothing About Publishing.

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eMail Auto Format


Spam Filters Are Making A Huge Impact 

On Email, And It Has A Bad Effect 

On You And Your Email List 

You've Worked So Hard To Compile.. 


The EMAIL Format Pro Email Marketing System Can Help Get Your Email Through..."

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Shareware Creator

              Protect Your Software And eBooks         

Protect your softwares and ebooksAre you worried about the security of your application or e-book?

Would you like an easy, inexpensive way to offer a limited trial period for your software?

Introducing... Shareware Creator!

The fast and easy way to convert any application into time-limited, 

crack-resistant shareware!

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Finally... You Can Easily Protect All Of Your E-book's and software products even pdf's with Phoenix Piracy Shield. 

Not only can you use this wonderful tool yourself but you can set up a full READY TO RUN BUSINESS by using this set of software tools.

 Private Label Rights


"Who Else Wants Their Entire Site Crawled, Indexed and Ranked Fast

 -- Without any Hard Work or even SEO Knowledge"

If You Want To Consistently Get your Website Pages Spidered and Indexed into all the MAJOR Search Engines... No Matter Who You Are, How Much Experience You Have Or What Kind Of Budget Your limited to... "private label rights", private label right package, private label right packages, private label rights package, private label rights packages, "private label right package", "private label right packages", "private label rights package", "private label rights packages", [private label right package], [private label right packages], [private label rights package],[private label rights packages]

Desktop Software That Runs On Your Computer Completely Automates The Whole Process Of Blog And Ping!

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 Dirty Tricks That Sell  

Discover The Secret Sales "Dirty Tricks" Used By The Top Copywriters To Rake In Tons Of Cash Every Single Day

Even If You Consider Yourself The Most Honest Person In The World, You Still Want To Know 

What These So Called "Dirty Tricks" Are, 

Don't You?

Maybe To Arm Yourself Against Them. 

Or Maybe To Use Them Yourself.

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Floating Window 

Instantly Boosts Your Sales,
Opt In Email List, And Conversion
Rates By Up To 224% By Adding
Float-In Window Technology
To Your Websites!

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In this Package receive TONS of E-Gold Games!  E-Gold Money Games is the way to go to help fill up your E-Gold account!

  • E-Gold Batch Game

  • E-Gold Bird Hunter Game

  • E-Gold Black Jack Game

  • E-Gold Bubble Game

  • E-Gold Color Game

  • E-Gold Heads and Tails Game

  • E-Gold Hi/Low Dice Game

  • E-Gold Hi/Low Game

  • E-Gold Number Guess Game

  • E-Gold Odd/Even Game

  • E-Gold Raffle Game

  • E-Gold Scratch Card Game


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2.New product collections  & 3. Niche product collections  With private label rights and master resale rights!

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You Now Have A Very Good Chance To Become The Next eBusiness Sensational Success Story,  If You Make Use Of The True Potentials Of This Never-Seen-Before, high-demand, Software Source Code with Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights Products Collection...

 "...What All Can You Do With These- Every Webmaster Must Have- Digital Products?" 

   Use These eBooks And Software To Convert Your Amateur Looking Web Site Into A Professional Web Designing Masterpiece!... 

"Your Automatic 24X7 Money Machine Set up!"

  Start Your Own Software Resale eBusiness With These High Demand Software And eBooks Collection... SELL Individual Software, Or Repackage These Great Product Collection And Resell And Keep 100% Profit!

"Your Own Great Product!"

  Customize, Rename Or Restructure The Products with Private Label Rights; Put Your Name As The Author... Combine These Products Into As Your Own Unique Products And Sell Them And Keep 100% Profit!...And, Fully Make Use Of All The Marketing Tips And Courses And Secret Strategies...!? 

Private label rights products, because of  it's very own nature of its rights, allow you to break them into small content segments- can be broken into pages of content and uploaded to blogs. Use automated software to upload them in regular intervals, say one per day. Two to three private label rights products in the same niche can thus feed enough content to your blog for a year- a great automated internet marketing strategy to make money by bring free search engine targeted traffic!

 In order to make money from private label rights products quickly, just change the graphics, rename, and make sufficient changes on the sales page to appear different- as though a new private label rights product being launched. Some of the private label rights products available in the internet marketing category and niches are actually this sort of second generation products.

 Join some good affiliate programs in the same category as that of your private label rights products. Insert your affiliate links into these plr products and give master resale rights so that your customers can resell the products and make money, but can't change your affiliate links. Increase the viral internet marketing effect by giving give away rights and re brand rights to some of the links in the content.

Combine strategy 02] and 03] to create your unique viral marketing ebook to promote some high demand affiliate products. For example, the niche 'weight loss' has some of the best money making products in the internet's biggest affiliate network clickbank.

reak the private label rights products, with a few necessary changes, into articles. Submit these articles to article directories and permit webmasters to republish them with a resource link back to your site. Allow them to customize these articles with their affiliate links. If you have your own product in the affiliate networks like clickbank, it will be very easy to allow webmasters to republish your article in their ezines or websites with their affiliate links to your products. If done correctly, it can be a brilliant internet marketing strategy to recruit affiliates.

Use these articles to add more content to your website to make more money from adsense. More content will also bring more free traffic from search engines, and hence more income.

Private label rights products are the quickest way to make money from internet. How? Just stick your name as the author and sell them as your own products, as though you have created. The time factor predominantly determines your success rate in selling private label rights products. The faster you buy a private label rights product and set up a site to sell it, by implementing some good internet marketing strategy to bring targeted traffic, the more chances you have to make money.

And Apply These Incredibly Powerful Money Generating Wisdom To Help You To...

"Establish As A Pro Internet Marketer With A Bang!"

Profit Making Possibilities Are Endless If You Take Action Right Now!


200+ Private Label Rights, Software Source Code Products That You Can Write Your Name As The Author And Sell And Make Money Immediately!...  Do Whatever You Like To- Products...All Ready To Make You Multiple Income Streams!

400+ Master Resale Rights Products That You Can Sell And Keep 100% Profit!

 Webmasters Greatest Breakthrough Software Mega Profit Pack Is 100% risk free buy With An Ironclad, 100% Money Back Guarantee. You Have Full 8 WEEKS To use This Awesome Software Pack. If You Aren't Satisfied Simply Contact Us And We'll Refund All Of Your Money, No Questions Asked, Guarantee!

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Make Money At Will From Your Own Software Resale eBusiness!



-And Enjoy The Real Freedom in life!       --ALL The Best 

(SS Sneh  from


Don't Forget To Have A Look At 

2.New product collections

  3. Niche product collections

  With private label rights and master resale rights!

By The Way, This Package Also Includes some old-but valuable -Private Label Rights Product Collections- 

Old Products-1

Old Products-2

Old Products-3

PS: If You Want To Have A Look At some of the Products With Their Sales Pages, Click on these 11 LINKS!

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PAGE 6  PAGE 7  PAGE 8   PAGE 9    PAGE 10  PAGE 11


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